The vision for Phase 2 of the Wailuku Town improvements will include places where the community can gather.


During the reWailuku process, many who participated expressed the need to have a gathering space in the heart of Wailuku – a place where the community could gather, hold events, feel connected, and be inspired by Wailuku’s unique sense of place.

The original concept for Phase 2’s proposed Civic Complex featured a total of approximately 35,000 sq. ft., which included office and business spaces, a covered and open plaza, park spaces, and areas for community gatherings. It was also designed as a hurricane rated Emergency Center, one of the few currently available on Maui. 

Based on community feedback, the County is reevaluating the Civic Complex structure. Planning for Phase 2 will include these considerations:

  • Reduce the building’s size and massing

  • Pick up more of the design elements of the district

  • Explore outside funding sources, public-private partnerships

  • Keep safety a priority – one of the few hurricane rated Emergency Centers on Maui 

To learn more, please refer to some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Wailuku Civic Project we’ve received. We will keep you posted on our progress.