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The Nutcracker

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Cast List

Aaron Bode – Party Parent (France)
Abigail Walton – Columbine Doll, Mirliton
Aiyana Childers – Dove, Arabian
Alana Adams – Angel
Alana Egloff – Soldier, Chinese
Alana Robell – Featured Snow, Featured Waltz, Arabian
Aleisabel Lick – Soldier, Chinese
Alessandra Benigno – Chinese, Toy Dolls
Alivia Mearriam – Angel
Analea Calder – Dove
Anna Fosbinder – Party Girl
Annaliese Witter – Russian
Asher Kingdon – Party Boy, Mouse
Amelia Medlin – Angel
Audriana Stockwell – Angel
Audrey Heinlein – Mouse
Benjamin Kopf – Party Boy, Mouse
Benji Higuchi – Party Boy, Mouse
Betty Russo – Polchinelle
Camry Gach – Columbine Doll, Mirliton
Cara Orikasa – Soldier
Caroline Sloper – Party Girl
Charlotte Thorson – Angel
Chloe Thorson – Angel
Christopher Borer – Nutcracker Prince Understudy, Featured Russian, Party Boy, Mouse
Claire Eller – Polchinelle
Coral Carhart – Featured Russian, Waltz, Arabian
Dylan Bode – Party Parent (France)
Eliana Naderi – Angel
Elizabeth Bortz – Party Girl
Ellie Knowles – Dove, Arabian
Elly Smith – Featured Russian, Waltz
Emily Sloper – Toy Doll, Russian
Emily Stafford – Polchinelle
Emma Fusato – Dove
Emma Jane Roy – Polchinelle
Erin Taketa – Snow, Waltz, Spanish
Finn Pavao Jones – Party Boy, Mouse
Grace Brown – Angel
Hazel Bello – Dove
Hinano Iguchi – Snow, Waltz, Spanish
Hoku Pavao Jones – Stahlbaum Mother (Germany)
Hollis Powers – Angel
Irie Tanju – Angel
Isabel Farwig – Dove, Snow
Isabella Laybourn – Soldier, Chinese
Isla Nakama – Mouse
Izzy Cajudoy – Russian
Jackie Dowsett – Party Parent (Spain)
Jackie Suwanjindar – Soldier, Chinese
Jacquelyn Grimes – Dove
Jarid Bortz – Party Parent (Russia)
Jaya Greenband – Chinese, Toy Doll
Jayda Hansen – Soldier
Jennifer Deatrick – Party Parent (Switzerland)
Jes Claydon – Maid
Jessie Young – Soldier
Jordan Akana – Snow, Waltz, Spanish
Jordynn Ratterman – Dove
Kailani Vanpoucke – Soldier, Chinese
Kaimana Neil – Nutcracker Prince
Kalliope Brillinger – Toy Doll
Kassidee Anne Nicholls – Angel
Kassidy Rambaud – Snow Queen
Kate Dowd – Toy Doll, Russian
Katie Higuchi – Party Parent (Spain)
Katie Istvan – Peacock
Katie Talbot – Featured Mirliton
Keala Robell – Featured Snow, Featured Waltz, Arabian
Keilana Calder – Snow, Waltz, Spanish, Mirliton
Kewen Imlay – Chinese
Khloe Martinez – Mouse, Chinese
Kiana Claydon – Maid
Kristian Hansen – Mouse
Kylie Sykes – Russian
Leila Kramer – Snow, Waltz, Mirliton
Lexie Franks – Chinese, Toy Doll
Lily Hill – Dove, Featured Polchinelle
Lily Manning – Party Girl
Lily McCann – Russian
Lindsey Kimoto – Featured Dove, Snow, Waltz
Logan Jacob Heller – Drosselmeyer
Logan Tsukiyama – Dew Drop
Lucia Lammers – Soldier
Madison Pasion – Angel
Maia Motley – Party Girl
Maile Vanpoucke – Party Girl
Makeda Wilmeth – Fritz
Mark Roy – Party Parent (China)
Megan Utrillo – Chinese, Toy Doll
Melissa Herren – Dove
Mia Davies – Spanish, Mirliton, Snow
Mia Utrillo – Clara, Party Girl
Mila Creagh – Angel
Nadine Frommer – Head Maid
Nanea Haake – Toy Doll, Russian
Nikko Roy – Party Boy, Mouse
Noelle Lo – Spanish, Mirliton, Waltz
Olivia Sloper – Chinese, Toy Doll
Owen Deatrick – Party Parent (Switzerland)
Patience Ramoran – Party Girl
Priya Greenband – Angel
Rachel Holmberg – Party Girl
Raelynn Cook – Angel
Randi Lonzaga – Sugar Plum Queen of Peace
Rebekah Ankney – Maid
Ricky Jones – Stahlbaum Father (Germany)
Riley Agpalo – Party Girl
Remy Eiting – Dove
Robin Beck Macklin – Mouse
Ronan Mangat – Party Boy, Mouse
Rovie De Castro – Party Girl
Ruby Kingdon – Mouse
Samantha Lee – Toy Doll, Russian
Sanoe Aganos – Dove, Snow
Sasha Brown-Roth – Clara, Party Girl
Savannah Stevenson – Party Girl
Sena Yamazaki – Toy Doll, Russian
Serenity Ramoran – Soldier
Shannon Diggins – Polchinelle
Simona Ylaite Russell – Polchinelle
Skye Rosenblad – Toy Doll, Russian
Sofia Arashiro-Garcia – Snow, Waltz, Arabian
Sofia Connor – Dove, Featured Polchinelle
Sophia Knapp – Russian
Sosefina Riley – Dove
Stella Sykes – Russian
Sunny Barresi – Russian
Sunny Rajesh – Polchinelle
Susie Bortz – Party Parent (Russia)
Sylas Jenkins – Party Boy, Mouse
Tatym Yoshida – Soldier
Tiana Hansen – Polchinelle
Tori Higuchi – Soldier
Trisha Roy – Party Parent (China)
Victoria Sloper – Angel
Yezzi – Featured Arabian

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