Our Team


Making Wailuku great takes a village

We come from different backgrounds and professional experiences, however, we all share something in common – we LOVE Wailuku Town!  Meet the team who is hard at work helping to realize your vision for a bright and prosperous future for Wailuku, Maui.

Erin Wade

Erin, County of Maui Redevelopment Program Planner, is the project coordinator for the Wailuku Town Improvement Projects. With over 23 years in the planning field  Erin’s focus for Wailuku is to provide a process of inclusive participation in this moment of evolution while offering programs to support its cultural legacy and economic health. “Celebrating the impact that our Maui towns make to our community and economy, and the efforts of the people who make it all possible makes this job truly rewarding.”

Lesley Cummings

Lesley, leads the team that puts together the popular Wailuku First Friday each month.  “First Friday brings people together to enjoy the things that make Wailuku special. It’s the one night each month, where we can feel community plus the importance of collaborating with each other.”

Brian Ige

Brian, Construction Manager for Dowling Company, Inc.; oversees the construction efforts for the Wailuku Town’s improvement projects.  “Having grown up on upper Vineyard St. it’s exciting to be part of the revitalization of Wailuku Town.”

Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘a

Lawrence leads Wailuku Clean & Safe, a program that hires homeless and mental health clients to sweep, clean and maintain the town and gain employment experience. “For participants, the program offers more than an hourly wage – it provides them with a sense of purpose and helps build their self-esteem.” 

Kelly McHugh

Kelly, a Community Arts Specialist, is the Project Manager for SMALL TOWN * BIG ART, a 2018-2020 creative place-making pilot project to help position Wailuku as a public arts district. “It’s inspiring to see local art and community come together to showcase Wailuku’s distinctive sense of place, history and culture. With active participation, these experiences can be truly transformative for a neighborhood.”

Tokie Ogawa

Tokie is the Business Development Specialist for the County of Maui Office of Economic Development. As part of her responsibilities, she works with our islands’ small businesses as a merchant liaison. “It’s extremely gratifying to see our local entrepreneurs succeed, because when they succeed our entire community, economy thrives.”

Chris Sugidono

Chris Sugidono serves as Assistant Communications Director for the County of Maui and Office of the Mayor. Chris helps produce press releases and assists over a dozen County departments with media requests and public meetings. He also serves as the primary Public Information Officer for the County during emergency operations and was an award-winning journalist for six years at The Maui News.