Art's District


Arts and culture is alive in Wailuku!

Offering unique arts and cultural experiences including:
  • the SMALL TOWN* BIG ART creative placemaking program.
  • consortium of performing arts organizations under the Wailuku Performing Arts Alliance.
  • myriad of shops and studios featuring local artists, designers, cultural practitioners and entrepreneurs – the highest concentration of working artists in the County.
  • incredible collection of Hawaiian antiques and artifacts at the Bailey House Museum by the Maui Historical Society
  • walking tours showcasing historical landmarks and public art throughout town.
  • the developing Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art, a Hawaiian cultural center in Wailuku, that is in the early stages of planning by our island’s most respected kumu hula.
“The Wailuku Arts District will deepen our sense of community, a community that binds us to each other, to our ancestors’ past and our children's future, across cultural, racial and economic boundaries.”
David Johnston
Artistic Director, Maui Academy of Performing Arts

Currently, planning efforts are underway to establish portions of the Wailuku Town as an official “Arts District” – so the world will come to know that this is “the place where art and culture lives.”

In early 2022, the National Endowment for the Arts awarded a grant to the SMALL TOWN * BIG ART cooperative (County of Maui, Hale Hōʻikeʻike at the Bailey House Museum/ Maui Historical Society and Maui Public Art Corps) to lay the foundation for this future Arts District. A Wailuku Arts District Plan Advisory Committee comprising arts organizations, supporters, researchers, community stakeholders and institutional contributors, is meeting (and evolving!) regularly to establish a public-private partnership that will implement the Wailuku Arts District vision.


Timeline of where we've come and what has happened

May 2022
MAY 20
HOA open house

Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art Open House held at Maui Academy of Performing Art's Promenade Food Court in Wailuku

March 2022
Mayorʻs Proposed FY23 Budget funds HOA

Mayor delivers $1.045 billion proposed budget to Maui council, which includes initial funding for Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art. See FY23 Budget, page 849.

June 2021
Project site hōʻailona through art

Small Town*Big Art blessing of "Haʻahaʻa" mural depicting Mary Kawena Pukui, which fronts proposed Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art project on Vineyard Street.

September 2018
Arts Grant

Small Town*Big Art launches efforts funded by National Endowment for the Arts grant.

June 2018
FY19 Budget
$44 Million for Road, Infrastructure and Parking construction
April 2018
NEA Grant

Maui County selected to receive an Our Town grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to cultivate public art. Received $75,000 to support the planning and implementation of pilot arts programming in Wailuku Town over two years ending in June 2020.

June 2017
FY18 Budget
$3.7 Million for property Acquisitions relating to the Wailuku Parking & Events Facility

“After this, we both took up golf on during the week and started eating fancy dinners at the local Country Club... Ha. This is not what happened at all. We suck at golf and love eating Guzman Y Gomez.”

Adam, Co-founder of Lumio

June 2015
FY16 Budget
$4.6 Million in Planning & Design contract for Wailuku Parking & Events Facility

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