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A Hawaiian cultural center for our community and the world

A coalition of Maui Kumu Hula and the County of Maui are working to establish a cultural center called “Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art to be located in Wailuku, Maui.

Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art will be dedicated to the study, practice, celebration and perpetuation of hula and various ‘ōiwi arts connected to hula. The center will be in support of the Huamakahikina Declaration, ratified by an international coalition of Kumu Hula and adopted by resolution by the Maui County Council this fall. It will be the first of its kind and the largest investment by any county or the state to establish a permanent place for hula and associated ʻōiwi arts.

Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art, will help to advance the culture of the Hawaiian people through education, classes, workshops, exhibits, activities and events centered around hula. It is a collaboration between diverse groups of Maui hālau hula, representing the breadth of Maui’s Hula Lineages, with the support of the County of Maui. We encourage you to learn about this exciting project, below are the latest updates.

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HOA Open House Activities & Information

Design feedback period : February 27, 2023 - March 13, 2023


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gathering feedback from the community

Since May 2022, the County of Maui and a dedicated group of Kumu Hula have been reaching out and gathering input from the community on the possibilities and potential for Maui’s first Hawaiian cultural center dedicated to hula and associated ʻōiwi arts. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received.

Top 10 Voted Activities

cultural performanceS
lei making
gatherings for cultural practiCeS
Ōlelo Hawai'i
farmer's market
kapa making
rotating gallery

What people are saying . . .

"Happy to see the possibilities of serving our communities on Maui for generations to come from Hālau on Maui to the amazing areas of learning that are available by and taught by experts in Maui nui."
"Love to see all this and to have a “vote” in the usage! I hope to see a beautiful place where Hawaiian Culture is celebrated and the community able to have a “free” other option for gathering as well! Mahalo piha."
"Way overdue."
"Per Uluwehi Guerrero– Please create a kupuna council to guide for the future for all arts...of our people to give advice."
“Our goal for the Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art is to create a center of international significance that will advance the cultural, social, and historical impact of Native Hawaiian ‘Ōiwi art. Through these efforts, our islands’ hālau hula hope to empower all people in Hawai‘i and the world, to keep these traditions alive for future generations.”
Kumu Hula Hōkūlani Holt
One of those spearheading the center
Pictured in photo above: Mayor and Kumu Hula pictured on Vineyard Street in front of Maui artist Amanda Joy Bower’s mural titled Ha’aha’a – the future location of the proposed Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art.  Pictured from left: Kumu Hula Kamaka Kūkona, Kumu Hula Kahulu Maluo-Pearson, Kumu Hula Hōkūlani Holt, Mayor Michael Victorino, Kumu Hula Cody Pueo Pata, Kumu Hula Francine "Mopsy" Aarona, Kumu Hula Moanikeʻala Whittle-Wagner, Kumu Hula Haunani Paredes. Not pictured: Kumu Hula Kaponoʻai Molitau, Kumu Hula Hiʻilei Maxwell-Juan, Kumu Hula ʻĀlika Guerrero, Keoni Kuoha, Karey Kapoi.

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timeline of key milestones & events


Highlights of what we've accomplished so far

October 2023
October 27
Maui Redevelopment Agency (MRA) Approves Design Review Application

Design review application for the Hālau of ‘0iwi Art project submitted on June 13, 2023, was approved by the MRA.

August 2023
August 16
HUD Grant Agreement signed authorizing the use of federal funds for the project.

FY2023 Community Project Funding Grant Award transmitted to County Council.

April 2023
Wailuku Community Association Public Meeting

Updates on various projects in Wailuku were presented during WCA’s public meeting. Speakers included Erin Wade (County of Maui Department of Management) on the PARK MAUI program and Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art, Brian Ige (Dowling Co) on the Wailuku Garage, and Kelly McHugh-White (Small Town * Big Art) on the Wailuku Arts District.

april 8
Draft Environmental Assessment

The County of Maui Department of Management submitted a Draft Environmental Assessment and Anticipated Finding of No Significant Impact for the Hālau of ʻOiwi Art in Wailuku, Maui. The Draft Environmental Assessment is available for review in the April 8, 2023 issue of The Environmental Notice, on the State of Hawai‘i Environmental Review Program. Written comments must be received or postmarked by May 8, 2023.

February 2023
february 27
HOA Open House

Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art Open House held at the Maui Academy of Performing Art's Promenade Food Court

December 2022
December 22

to be dedicated to the study, practice, celebration and perpetuation of Hula and associated arts and as a resilience hub for shelter and recovery in the event of a disaster.

November 2022
november 2

The Department of Management quarterly budget report to Maui County Council

PDF - Correspondence from Managing Director 10/2022

PDF - Presentation from Management 11/2022

September 2022
September 9 & 10
Ku Mai Ka Hula at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center information on HOA
September 6
Department of Management staff met with the design team to review the 50% schematic design
August 2022
August 11
Interview with Wallette Pellegrino

For updated Cultural Impact Assessment

August 8
Community consultation with Erik Fredericksen

Community consultation with Erik Fredericksen, project archaeologist for the site and multiple properties in the immediate vicinity over the last 25 years.

August 2
Community consultation with Leola Leong & Ron Muramoto, Chinese and Japanese historians specific to Wailuku town.
Architect team begins schematic design process
July 2022
HOA Open House

Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art Open House held on the Great Lawn on the UH Maui campus

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July 29
Site visits to various Central Maui halau spaces
Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art among projects that advance out of U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee
Erin Wade and Keanu Lau Hee of the County of Maui Department of Management toured these Oahu facilities as part of HOA planning phase:

- YWCA Laniākea Facility
- Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies
- Japanese Cultural Center of HawaiiDowntown Art Center
- Kipuka by Na Mea Hawai'i

July 11 &
Series of focus groups

The community outreach team hosted a series of focus groups with various practitioners of ‘oiwi arts regarding their expertise, thoughts about options for offerings in the spaces and suggestions for the facility design. The various focus groups included identifying all needs and expectations for each of the spaces including:
·        Courtyard/Event lawn
·        Kitchen & Event Space
·        Learning Spaces
·        Studio Spaces
·        Workshop Spaces
·        Retail/Food & Beverage Spaces

June 2022
MRA meeting presentation on HOA

April Maui Redevelopment Agency discuss the Hālau of 'Ōiwi Art facility.

Wailuku Art District Huaka‘i

20 arts organization directors representing Wailuku nonprofits and the spaces that collaborate with them gathered for a huakaʻi (excursion). Attendees hopped on Da Bee shuttle which transported them to Maui OnStage, to Maui Academy of Performing Arts, then on to HaleHo'ike'ike/Maui Historical Society, and Imua Discovery Gardens where the group enjoyed a tour and lunch. It was an educational and inspiring day where participants heard from the various Wailuku arts organizations so that they can more accurately begin to lift one another up in a collective plan to create a Wailuku Arts District and to help shape the proposed Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art.

Funding approved for Hālau of 'Ōiwi Art facility

Maui County Council approved $43 million in funding to design and construct the Hālau of 'Ōiwi Art facility

May 2022
MAY 20
HOA Open House

Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art Open House held at Maui Academy of Performing Art's Promenade Food Court in Wailuku. Read our post event report.

April 2022
MRA meeting presentation on HOA

April Maui Redevleopment Agency discuss the Hālau of 'Ōiwi Art facility.

March 2022
Ka Wai Ola article: Huamakahikina discusses the Huamakahikina declaration and the proposed Hālau of ‘Ōiwi Art facility.
Mayor highlights HOA in State of the County address
Mayorʻs Proposed FY23 Budget funds HOA

Mayor delivers $1.045 billion proposed budget to Maui council, which includes initial funding for Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art. See FY23 Budget, page 849.

February 2022
Conversation about revitalizing Wailuku

Small Town*Big Art talk story with Kumu Hula Cody Pueo Pata and artist Amanda Joy Bowers discussing the ways that the work of Mary Kawena Pukui is influencing the revitalization of Wailuku.

Mayor announces HOA support

Mayor Victorino announces Center for Hula and Associated Arts, Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art, proposed in Wailuku Arts District on Maui.

Proposed Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art project announced during Mayor's press conference.
KITV4 interview: Mayor Victorino and Kumu Hula Cody Pueo Pata.

MRA meeting presentation HOA

February Maui Redevelopment Agency meeting introducing the Hālau of Ōiwi Art facility feasability design.  Begins at 57:04

November 2021
Resolution 21-26 Huamakahikina Declaration adopted

The Maui County Council formally adopts Resolution 21-161, supporting the Huamakahikina Declaration and the efforts to protect and advance the practice of hula, and to to prevent itʻs continued economic exploitation and appropriation.

August 2021
AUGUST 21-22
Kumu Hula Convention

The County of Maui provided a grant to support the Kupukalālā Kumu Hula Convention. This convention was attended by over 150 Kumu Hula and ratified the Huamakahikina Declaration on the Integrity, Stewardship, and Protection of Hula.

June 2021
Project site hōʻailona through art

Small Town*Big Art blessing of "Haʻahaʻa" mural depicting Mary Kawena Pukui, which fronts proposed Hālau of ʻŌiwi Art project on Vineyard Street.

August 2020
Teaching Grant

Maui County Office of Economic Development grant assists kumu with teaching during COVID-19 pandemic.

Kumu for coalition

A collation of Kumu Hula gathered and formed the Huamakahikina to discuss a culturally proactive approach to the COVID-19 pandemic in Hawai’i to form the Lāhui Kānaka system.

June 2018
FY19 Budget
$44 Million for Road, Infrastructure and Parking construction
June 2017
FY18 Budget
$3.7 Million for property Acquisitions relating to the Wailuku Parking & Events Facility

“After this, we both took up golf on during the week and started eating fancy dinners at the local Country Club... Ha. This is not what happened at all. We suck at golf and love eating Guzman Y Gomez.”

Adam, Co-founder of Lumio

December 2016
Testimony of kumu honored by Maui County resolution for Merrie Monarch participation

The halau hula and the hula practitioners have a unique challenge in that we do not get County support. We have grown to where we are with the hard work of the Kumu Hula who lead these halau. We teach out of our garages. We teach in school cafeterias. I've been fortunate to teach at Kamehameha School, but with the limit of 10 hours of week, which truly limits the growth and my ability to reach more youth in Upcountry. In Upcountry Maui, we don't have business district, industrial area. We don't have the luxury of renting a warehouse like a lot of Central Maui halau do. A few halau who have a home pay upwards of $2,000 a month for their lease here in Central Maui... Every district on this island has baseball fields, football fields, basketball courts, and volleyball nets. We even have skate parks and even dog parks. We laugh, but there is not one single place for hula. In my halau alone we have 150 dancers. Iliahi and Haunanai have 200. Kamaka Kukona 200. My sister 175. That's just 600 students in just Central Maui. We truly need to look at what makes us unique and what defines us, and I believe hula and this culture defines us.I humbly ask that we make it a priority in this culture, and invest in these children who are working so hard and being recognized all over the world for this culture that is so unique to us.

June 2016
$2.98 Million for Planning and Design of Road and Infrastructure upgrades
June 2015
FY16 Budget
$4.6 Million in Planning & Design contract for Wailuku Parking & Events Facility