The Clean & Safe Program oversees the public properties within Wailuku and works with property owners to keep their buildings and land safe and secure, while connecting people in crisis with social services and housing programs. 

Available: 7AM-7PM Everyday
CALL: 808-250-7126

One of the most commonly asked questions people ask is, what can I do to improve safety and deter unwanted behavior in my business or in front of my shop?

“The Clean & Safe team is available from 7 am to 7 pm every day to help people if they want help; but when safety, sanitation or property damage becomes a factor, it is important not to ignore it. Working with police and possibly filing a police report or showing up in court may seem like a nuisance, but it ultimately is an investment in your property and Wailuku Town.”

Wailuku Clean & Safe works in collaboration with Mental Health Kokua social workers and the Maui Police Department Crisis Intervention Team to assist in cases where behavioral issues may be mental health or substance abuse related.

Be proactive, be consistent and do not hesitate to call for help or share an observation with one of the safety team members.      


Clean & Safe Program Director Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘a provides a few tips to reduce vagrancy issues for property and business owners:

  • Promptly remove and/or dis-pose of personal belongings left on your property that are not part of the business.
  • Ensure all exterior power outlets are disabled when not in use by the business.
  • Gate or barricade alcoves or sheltered spaces that might be attractive to sleep.
  • Get a camera system that sends notifications to your phone.
  • Call the police when someone is trespassing. Provide a trespass letter to the Police Department authorizing them to issue trespass violations when you are not present.

“Holding people accountable for their actions on your property lets people know your expectations and will deter future problems.”
Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘a
Clean & Safe Program Director

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