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“When we built the Clean & Safe program for Wailuku we received so much more than a security service or property management company in return. We literally have a network of coaches who are there to educate, guide, and SUPPORT the Wailuku Town community, lending a helping hand to those that need it most.”
Erin Wade
County of Maui, Department of Management


The County’s clean and safe program, coordinated by Ho‘omaikai Services and guided by the dedicated leadership of its CEO and retired Maui police officer Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘a, is all about caring for Wailuku Town. This program works hand-in-hand with property owners to ensure their buildings and land are safe and secure, while also offering a helping hand to those in crisis by connecting them with essential social services and housing programs.

Born out of necessity in 2016, the program emerged during a challenging time for Wailuku Town on Maui. The streets were becoming home to more vagrants, individuals with mental health issues, substance abusers, and the homeless. Merchants were uneasy about walking to their cars after hours, businesses were struggling, and residents were voicing their safety concerns to their Councilmember. That’s when Erin Wade from the County of Maui Department of Management reached out to Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘a, who stepped up to lead the County’s clean & safe program with his dedicated team of “coaches” and a supportive network of social service providers like Mental Health Kokua.

Thanks to their collective efforts, the program has transformed Wailuku. Today, the clean and safe program is a beacon of hope and safety, playing a vital role in keeping our community vibrant and secure. It not only helps protect properties but also makes a significant difference in the lives of those in need, providing them with the resources and support to find stability and a fresh start.

This heartwarming initiative continues to make Wailuku a better place for everyone, ensuring that our town remains a safe, welcoming, and thriving community.

Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘ai
CEO of Ho`omaika`i Services


Clean & Safe Director Lawrence Kauha‘aha‘a answers some of your frequently asked questions

what people are saying

“Life running a business in Wailuku (prior to 2016) revolved around daily confrontations with individuals and groups who were camped out on our sidewalks - drinking, leaving trash, human waste and alcohol containers behind. It was a challenge and sometimes a danger to enter or exit storefronts. Those days have passed. The street scene is friendly, the sidewalks are clean and indeed safe, and it has occurred without harm or conflict. Wailuku’s Clean and Safe program has positively transformed our town.”
Helen Neilsen
Wailuku property owner
“Clean and Safe has made Wailuku Town a better place to run a business.  I appreciate the back up when dealing with mentally ill and houseless people.  I feel safer when I walk to my car after dark.  I feel more supported and truly like I’m being looked out for thanks to the clean and safe team.” 
Megan Kaneko
Co-owner of Wailuku Coffee Company


Learn more about offenses against property rights, trespass warnings, authorization to the Police, Citizen’s Arrest, and view sample forms.

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