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Maui Marking Device owner continues to make a great impression

Wendall DeVera, owner of Maui Marking Device, has a motto, “it’s not work if you love what you do.” For over 45 years, this passionate entrepreneur has been making a great impression as a manufacturer of custom self-inking rubber stamps, embossed seals, Xstampers, engraved signs, name tags and Laser Engraved awards. He touts his One-Day service on most products he manufactures as his competitive edge.

Wendall considers himself fortunate that even in this age of computers and high technology, his business is still going strong. Currently his clients include the County, State, hotels, restaurants, office supply stores, small businesses and local residents. He’s also grateful that his business is located in Wailuku, a place that he has a personal connection to.

A Vietnam veteran, Wendall shared, “My life has definitely come full circle. I moved to Maui from Oahu in 1972 after serving three years in the Army. Five years later, I headed to Hermosa Beach, California. That is where I learned the Marking Device trade, and after five years of being an employee I got the opportunity to buy the company, which I did. But, Maui was always on my mind and I moved back in 1989. Where I started Maui Marking Device in Makawao. With the exception of working up country for one year, I’ve always had my business in Wailuku. First on Lower Main and then on Market Street. I guess you could say Wailuku chose me, in the sense that people I knew and/or had connections with offered me space in Wailuku town which I was very grateful for. I’ve been here ever since.”

Wendall also shares his shop space with his wife Marcella DeVera, who was an avid runner and Marathoner.  Marcella owns and manages Tri Paddle Maui, a business that caters to the paddling community for over 20 years, offering the best and latest gear from “head to ‘okole.” Together this entrepreneurial couple have managed to find the perfect balance of work, ‘ohana and their respective hobbies.

When not working, Wendall is enjoying his other passions – paddling (something he admits he can do 7 days a week) and Tai Chi.

“People talk about retiring and doing other things. For me, my work is like a hobby and I would continue to do it until Marcella says to stop...

Where to find Wendall & Marcella:

Maui Marking Device

54 N. Market Street, Wailuku, HI 96793

Ph: 808-244-3344

Website: https://www.mauimarkingdevice.com/

Email: mauimarkingdevice@gmail.com

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