This week’s construction update

Wailuku Parking Structure:
The Hawaiian Dredging crews poured the second floor of the fourth section of the parking structure this past week. The Hawaiian Dredging crews also completed the setting of the third-floor concrete beam and deck formwork for the third section of the parking structure.

Hawaiian Dredging crews pouring the second-floor concrete deck
Hawaiian Dredging crews setting concrete deck formwork for the second-floor ramp
Hawaiian Dredging crews setting concrete column forms
CMC crews installing reinforcing steel for the entrance structure foundation

Vineyard Street Improvements:
The MIRA crews continued with the concrete curbing and sidewalk work for the street this week.

MIRA crews grading and setting forms for the new concrete curbs and sidewalks
MIRA crews installing asphalt driveways

General Notices:
Due to the ongoing work on Vineyard Street, motorists and pedestrians should be cautious when traversing through the area. Vineyard Street between Church and High Street will be closed to thru traffic Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  

The Wailuku Parking lot is completely closed. Parking is available in various locations, as well as free shuttle service on Da Bee (includes parking at Maui Lani Safeway and Wells Park with various “flower” stops in Wailuku. For information on shuttle schedules/routes and a list of parking locations in Wailuku, please click here.